The invisible car lift - Lissone, Italy

Car lift IP1-CM FF42

The project created by Studio Alpha, based in Lissone, Monza-Brianza, provided for the renovation of a traditional single-storey dwelling and storage spaces for handicraft activities which were located along the perimeter of a 65x43 metre plot of land, bounded by two roads. Architect Designer Desirena Fossati has focused on a solution to meet the customer's demands, namely, the desire to create an intimate space, closed to public view, in the same place where he had grown up as a child, which required the partial demolition of the existing structures.

With regards to the above-ground portion, the design tried to keep the “memories” of the Client, both in terms of the structure’s volume and of the materials used.

In addition to residential building, the design of the Studio Alfa firm always provides for a broader view of the context, also proposing the creation of outdoor spaces (new roads, car parks, public parks, connections) to complete a facility. Therefore, the fact of having to create “important” foundations has led Arch. Fossati to develop the excavation basement floor as a large multiple-car garage, to house up to 5 vehicles, and that could be used as storage or covered play area if necessary.

Not to devour the inner garden with open-air concrete ramps, the Architect immediately came up with the solution of a concealed car lift to take a number of vehicles to the basement, which would no longer take up space on the ground floor.

The car lift of this project features the IP1-CM FF42 model with a covering roof and 4 side columns without central bulking, allowing the entire, comfortable opening of the car doors. The Designer’s concerns to protect the Client’s young children from a not very “homely” device were soon dispelled thanks to a technical briefing aimed at highlighting the system security systems.

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LocationLissone (MI) - Italy