IdealPark car lifts at the Ferrari Museum, Maranello


“Live the dream” is the claim that welcomes visitors, promising an immersive, unique experience.
The Museo Ferrari in Maranello focuses on Ferrari’s present and future, whilst remaining deeply rooted in the Prancing Horse’s extraordinary history. A permanent exhibition dedicated to Formula 1 and the World Championship, complete with cars and a “pit stop wall” where visitors can gain an understanding of telemetry and pilots’ in-race driving behaviour, is flanked by five rooms that host themed exhibitions with wide-ranging appeal. There are many other visitor amenities besides:  a cinema with looped showings of themed films, semi-professional Formula 1 simulators, a photographic set to allow them take home a personalised photo souvenir of themselves in a Ferrari at the end of their visit, the opportunity to try their hand at a genuine tyre change, big screen coverage on grand prix days, a large Ferrari Store and a warm, welcoming café.
IdealPark has designed a special car lift to transport Ferraris, a special solution to drive cars that can be removed after the travel.