Car lifts are alternative solutions to the conventional access ramp of a garage or to a different level of a car park. Some buildings are planning roof car parks. The car lift therefore performs a linking function.
Hence it is installed where, for space reasons, a ramp can not be built. This is the case for historic centres of towns and cities.
In other cases it is chosen to maximise the space that would be lost by creating a ramp, therefore obtaining a greater number of parking spaces.
Choosing a...
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Why is it necessary to keep the button pressed once inside the lift? Isn't there any other system for operating the car lift?
The safety regulations of the 2006-42-EC Machinery Directive, for safety reasons, require that the user, when on the platform, holds down the button for the entire duration of the lift's journey when carrying people if the compartment is not completely enclosed, i.e. without cabin doors. Lifting platforms for people also fall under the same regulation and are operated with a...
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What happens to the car lift if there is a power cut?
In the event of black out the person does not remain trapped on board the platform as they will always be freed. IdealPark car lifts come with a UPS device that allows the lift to descend and the doors to open even in the absence of electricity.
Systems with people on board are also equipped with an acoustic alarm and telephone (like with conventional lifts for people). The telephone allows the user to contact the operations centre to alert the...
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Can the car lift encounter problems due to low temperatures or snow during the winter?
The hydraulic control unit of the car lift is equipped with a heating probe to keep the system oil warm to avoid the risk of freezing and subsequent stoppages.
In countries with frequent snowfall, it is advisable to install heating resistors under the roof paving to prevent snow from accumulating.It is also possible to use special oils suitable for particularly low temperatures. In addition, by setting the automatic...
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What happens if there is heavy rain? Is there a risk of flooding?
Each IdealPark car lift with covering roof comes fitted with perimetral guttering to collect rainwater. 
In the four corners the guttering has drains to channel water into the sewer system. 
In the bottom of the pit, however, there must be a well with a safety electric pump. IdealPark car lifts are hot galvanised, both indoor and outdoor versions, to ensure a longer service life against corrosion. 
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What if the car lift stops or breaks down?
If the car lift stops due to a power cut, there is no problem because it is possible to use the UPS system.
If it stops for other reasons, technical assistance must be called, as is the case for conventional lifts. Driver on board systems are equipped with acoustic alarms and telephone (like with lifts for people). The telephone allows the user to contact the operations centre to alert the technical service, identifying the system from the telephone...
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Are maintenance and repair costs for  a broken down car lift very high?
Maintenance and repair costs of IdealPark car lifts are similar to those of a conventional lift for people....
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Is it necessary to contact IdealPark in the event of a car lift breaking down?
In the case of systems installed abroad are the response times slow since the manufacturer is located in Italy?
IdealPark's headquarters are in Italy, but we are present in over 20 countries with qualified dealers that can ensure prompt assistance and 24-7 support....
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