What if the car lift stops or breaks down?

If the car lift stops due to a power cut, there is no problem because it is possible to use the UPS system.

If it stops for other reasons, technical assistance must be called, as is the case for conventional lifts. Driver on board systems are equipped with acoustic alarms and telephone (like with lifts for people). The telephone allows the user to contact the operations centre to alert the technical service, identifying the system from the telephone number.

All IdealPark car lifts are equipped with a standard display on the electrical panel that reports the status of the system and the type of malfunction with an error code. This allows the problem to be often resolved with simple operations that are the main causes of malfunction, without having to wait for a technician to arrive: removing leaves or objects from the safety photocell barriers, checking if the stop button is pressed or checking if the key is inserted on a different floor than the one where the lift is.

It is also possible to equip the system with remotely operated assistance, which allows to check the status of the system directly from the 24-hour operations centre.