IP1-CM MOB: Timelapse in the Rigby & Rigby project

Rigby & Rigby's recent Knightsbridge Mews property saw capacity trebled to three cars – all accessible at the touch of a button!
The framework of the car lifts, though practical and industrial by nature, are designed to be minimal in its design and so naturally offer a good view of the cars.

For Rigby & Rigby this represented an opportunity to make a statement within the Mews property, which was owned by a car-loving client.

Visit: https://rigbyandrigby.com

The first VR car theatre: the car lift for luxury and smart homes

This hidden car lift turns an ordinary ride home into an incredible journey.

The immersive car lift

The hidden car lift by IdealPark transforms a daily routine into a show of extraordinary technology. The surveillance system by Dimora detects the car approaching and automatically sends the platform to the street level. Once you get on board, the fun starts in an amazing immersive room!

LUV Architecture - The Luxury of Living

The beautiful Casa da Rocha where an invisible IdealPark car lift is installed.

Treasure your time

An invisible IdealPark elevator guarantees the safety and privacy of the cars of guests traveling in the garage in the basement. Created for MaisonMe boutique hotel, a jewel that loves art and design and expresses the quintessence of hospitality: feeling at home, free to serve or be served. Free to share, or enjoy maximum privacy.

Treasure your passion

Architecture, landscaping, interior design, engineering, setting and styling for a house located on top of a cliff. The car park served by an invisible car lift benefits from security and privacy, becoming a secret place where to keep one's cherished cars or create a showroom of one's collections.

Elegance and functionality for the IdealPark car lift mod. IP1-CM MOB

In a private villa in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy, the car lift mod. IP1-CM MOB replaced the access ramp combining functionality and aesthetics. Once the car lift is lowered and it is not in use, it becomes invisible. The roof is covered with grass as it is the rest of the landscaping for a very elegant result.

Invisible car lift IP1-CM MOB

IdealPark presents the IP1-CM MOB, a car lift with cover approved for the transport of the driver.
Through a wide choice of colors, lighting and finishes, you can in fact customize your system for a unique result and in harmony with the surroundings.