IdealPark car lift: the key for a unique house

In this house located in Germany a domestic routine is taking place. The building embraces the spectator to discover not only a new style of parking but also of feeling.
The tour of the House wants to be a sonic exploration in urban living spaces; an audio visual essay focusing on the sounds produced by a person that lives the house and that leaves it using the disappearing car lift.
With the installation of different microphones, it is possible to hear the “voice” of the building, the park, the IdealPark.
The house in the year 2020 lives in voices and in the shadows together with the person, as home time has never been part of life as much as during this year that will remain in history books forever.
2020 is the year in which IdealPark celebrates the twentieth anniversary. A year that calls for courage and the need to explore new paths.

Restoration-renovation of residential building with monumental status limitations

The project shows how an antique style coexist with a spectacular technological installation, an IdealPark car lift IP1-CM MOB, capable of camouflaging itself and disappearing.
The car lift is inaudible thanks to the silenced power unit.
The IdealPark car lifts are custom-designed according to the needs of every context. In this case, the car lift’s tilted lid follows the slope of the house’s front courtyard.

The disappearing car lift. Get the party started with Tesla!

IdealPark car lift is the perfect stage for Tesla party.
This car elevator saves space by avoiding building a ramp to access the underground garage.
The project shown in this video entailed the complete renovation of a Liberty building.
In order to enhance and protect the garden, the architect chose not to implement a visible vehicle ramp, but rather to opt for a concealed car lift.
The roof of the lift was fitted into the paved pathway system and finished with the same marble chippings used on the walkways around the building. The result is a functional and aesthetically appealing system that does not impact the overall look of the historic building.
This wonderful garden can be now the setting for amazing parties.

IP1-CM MOB: Timelapse in the Rigby & Rigby project

Rigby & Rigby's recent Knightsbridge Mews property saw capacity trebled to three cars – all accessible at the touch of a button!
The framework of the car lifts, though practical and industrial by nature, are designed to be minimal in its design and so naturally offer a good view of the cars.

For Rigby & Rigby this represented an opportunity to make a statement within the Mews property, which was owned by a car-loving client.


The first VR car theatre: the car lift for luxury and smart homes

This hidden car lift turns an ordinary ride home into an incredible journey.

The immersive car lift

The hidden car lift by IdealPark transforms a daily routine into a show of extraordinary technology. The surveillance system by Dimora detects the car approaching and automatically sends the platform to the street level. Once you get on board, the fun starts in an amazing immersive room!

LUV Architecture - The Luxury of Living

The beautiful Casa da Rocha where an invisible IdealPark car lift is installed.

Treasure your time

An invisible IdealPark elevator guarantees the safety and privacy of the cars of guests traveling in the garage in the basement. Created for MaisonMe boutique hotel, a jewel that loves art and design and expresses the quintessence of hospitality: feeling at home, free to serve or be served. Free to share, or enjoy maximum privacy.