IdealPark car lift: the advantages for car dealerships

The correct display of the cars, a beautiful presentation and an impressive final delivery to the customer, are key factors for a dealership.

The car lift for the villa surrounded by nature

The car lift combines functionality and aesthetics while preserving and dedicating all the outdoor space to gardens or courtyards.

Car lift for car dealership Soccol Cars & Boats

The lift is ideal for car dealerships, to optimize space or to connect different levels, both underground and above ground.

Showreel IdealPark

A journey to discover unique places to live and different possibilities to use the space.

IdealPark car lift: the key for a unique house

The building embraces the spectator to discover not only a new style of parking but also of feeling.

Restoration-renovation of residential building

The project shows how an antique style coexists with a spectacular technological installation: an IdealPark car lift IP1-CM MOB.

The disappearing car lift

IdealPark car lift is the perfect stage for Tesla party.

The first VR car theatre

The onboard immersive environment sports 360° projection, creating extraordinary environments.