The new book of IdealPark


“We put disorder into order, and dare to celebrate the unique”. The Book of IdealPark is not only there to display our work, but rather to give true insight to our philosophy and identity.

There is something exhilarating about the clash of rigid, classic design and the twisted features of the somewhat familiar – it gives energy and forces you to reflect and adapt. This strive for contrast is embodied in the Book of IdealPark, it is how we think, what we do, who we are.

In creating the Book of IdealPark, we were inspired by the new graphic wave of the 1990s; it’s a modern take on David Carson’s distortion of traditional design. This very much represents the attitude of both IdealPark and Humbly: we know all the rules, and we know when to break them, says Giuliano Garonzi, CCO of design agency Humbly.

About Humbly

Humbly is a strategic idea- and design agency based in the north of Sweden. For more than 20 years Humbly has helped clients create forceful communication and design, always aiming for the unexpected.


About Giuliano

Giuliano Garonzi is chief creative officer of Humbly and a renowned designer. His work with – among others – Nike and Ferrari has gained extensive attention, and resulted in several more collaborations with agencies like Wieden+Kennedy and 72andsunny.


Click here to see the Book.  


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