This extremely quiet system differs from other products, due to the perfect integration with the surrounding architecture.

Unsightly fences are not needed due to the presence of a series of safety features such as a camera at ground floor, a color display and LCD touch screen on board. This allows the surrounding area to be monitored during its operation. The outside space remains completely free and livable and can be set as a garden or courtyard.

Contributing to a completely invisible and high quality result there is the possibility of paving the roof covering with any material. Through a wide choice of colors, lighting and finishes, you can customize your system for a unique harmonious result, with the surroundings.

The cars parked in the basement are protected, as they can be removed only by inserting a coded key into the control panel to operate the plant. Even the parking area then has its security and privacy.

The cover, when lowered, can be used as a parking place and can be paved (max paving load of 150 kg/ m2).

It is possible to install this system with or without enclosures at the upper floor level, with a video surveillance system and a virtual safety perimeter with photoelectric cells.

The IP1-CM MOB is available in the XL variant (IP1-CM MOB XL), with an increased loading capacity of 3500 kg (with a maximum paving load of 90 kg.

A suitable peripheral channel allows for collecting rainwater and prevent flooding on the lower floors.

The standard plants are fully galvanised and can be coated in Triplex in a wide range of colours to harmonise them with the surrounding environment.

A wide range of possible finishes and innovative designs allow for locating the car lifts in the building architecture and for ensuring maximum safety and comfort for the user.

Watch the video of IP1-CM MOB!

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Watch the video of IP1-CM MOB covered with grass!

Platform widthfrom 230 to 270 cm
Platform lengthfrom 500 to 560 cm
Capacity Load2700 kg
Travelup to 5,00 m

car lifts with driver on board

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