The three main functions of car lifts


Most cities were not designed and built for cars. There is therefore the need to find solutions which allow for reorganising spaces, preserving the integrity of the architectural traditions and the beauty of natural landscapes. In any building recovery, upgrade, renovation intervention or new construction we must find the right balance between the needs of a practical, often frenetic, life and respect for places, history and nature.

Car lifts revolutionise how we live our space with original and unprecedented ideas and projects compared to normal design standards.  The field of application ranges from private villas, condominiums, resorts, production plants and car dealerships.

Car lifts perform a triple function according to the scenario where they are situated:

-              functional: the lift becomes the designer’s ally to create a vertical connection where, for reasons of space, it is not possible to build a slide. It therefore becomes an essential means of transport that elegantly connects different otherwise inaccessible parking levels, a common situation in historic centres with buildings that were not originally designed for car garages.

Space optimisation allows for obtaining a greater number of car spaces, accessible even in the event of snow where a ramp would present a risk of slippage or a flooding hazard in case of bad weather. The advantages in terms of comfort, timing, costs and savings of the fateful “parking stress” are priceless, all this while adding a spectacular feature to the environment and value to the property.

-              aesthetic: the lift becomes an alternative solution to the ramp which combines functionality and aesthetics while safeguarding and dedicating all external areas to gardens or courtyards. The possibility of paving the roof of the lift in any material contributes to a completely invisible and prestigious result. The system can be customised through a wide choice of colours, lights and finishes for a single result and in harmony with the surrounding environment. This type of solution integrates seamlessly with the style of the house by giving a sense of order, elegance and a new and managed organisation of space.

-              protective: the lift becomes a safety system in environments where one wants to camouflage a garage to protect one’s own cars or collections in an underground environment.

The solutions with roof remain invisible when they are not in motion; the car removal operations can only be performed through coded key or badge; only one car at a time can be transported. The parking served by a car lift therefore benefits from security and privacy, and becomes a secret place where vehicles are kept or where a showroom of one’s collections can be displayed.

All IdealPark car lifts are built in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.    

Materials, finishes and models are selected with the company, which offers ideas, studies and projects to provide the most suitable solution to enhance the building architecture and to reflect the personality of those who live in the house, seeking the perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Each lift is tailor-made and consists of over 300 carefully selected components to combine usefulness and beauty in a harmonious blend.

With these solutions, in addition to putting the car in a safe, comfortable and protected place, all premises are enhanced, which for many people is also relatively important.