IdealPark car lift: the key for a unique house. New video!

car lift IP1-CM MOB 2 XL

In this house located in Germany a domestic routine takes place. The building embraces the spectator to discover not only a new style of parking but also of feeling.

The tour of the House wants to be a sonic exploration in urban living space; audio visual essay focus on the sounds produced by a person that lives the house and leaves it using the disappearing car lift. With the installation of different microphones, it is possible to hear the “voice” of the building, of the exterior, of the Lamborghini, of the IdealPark.

The house in 2020 lives in the voices and in the shadows together with the person, as home times have never been part of life as much as in this year that will remain in the history books.

2020 is the year in which IdealPark celebrates the twentieth anniversary. A year that calls for courage and the need to explore new paths.

Click HERE to see the video!