20 in 2020


We -at IdealPark- have it in our DNA to break out of rules and schemes. We adapt, without compromising on the result. We will soon have a new look that celebrates our company's 20 years of history. Like many companies, we have walked uphill and downhill, we have crossed calm waters and sailed through storms. Now let's keep our eyes focused on what’s in front of us. We cut this imaginary twenty-years ribbon in this 2020 that will remain in history for the changes it has brought. We are different from before, but we are happy to have changed. We know that we have to make up for lost time, but we are confident that we can do it.

We are our essence and in these years we have changed skin adapting to what was happening, but not in order to become as others wanted us to be.
We are authentic, outside of the rules that harm us, but inside what we call ethics.
Thank you to those who believed in us, thank you to all the collaborators, customers, distributors and suppliers. Thank you to anyone who has been a part of the first 20 years of our history.