Car lift Mod. IP1-HMT V07

Car lift mod. IP1-HMT V07 with IMQ certification which allows driver to stay on board during its 11.9 m maximum travel.

Car lift with driver on board Mod. IP1-HMT V07

IP1-HMT V07, with its 80 cm of pit only, guarantees the complete and total safety of all operations thanks to several features, such as photoelectrical barriers to check the exact position of the car on the platform, ropes sensors, UPS device and optional emergency phone, allowing the platform to descend and the doors to open even in the unfortunate event of a power outage.

The Publishing Prize 2017 . IdealPark is the winner of the Typography Prize

"For typography that leaves the beaten track and becomes a work of art in its own right”.

IdealPark: the business plant

A kaleidoscope of plans, materials, furniture, paintings and works of art encloses the stratified workspaces.
A parallel microcosm hidden behind 2,100 square metres of warehouses, 1,000 square metres of commercial areas where additional spaces will be added in future.
The group philosophy is in the art of lifting; therefore, the company headquarters can only be likened to a museum with an interesting visitors’ route.

Manifesto IdealPark

IdealPark tells a story that is building and expanding day by day.