Car lifts are alternative solutions to the conventional access ramp of a garage or to a different level of a car park. Some buildings are planning roof car parks. The car lift therefore performs a linking function.

Hence it is installed where, for space reasons, a ramp can not be built. This is the case for historic centres of towns and cities.

In other cases it is chosen to maximise the space that would be lost by creating a ramp, therefore obtaining a greater number of parking spaces.

Choosing a car lift may also be for aesthetic reasons. The lift becomes an alternative solution to the ramp that combines functionality and aesthetics while keeping and dedicating all the outdoor space to gardens or courtyards. The result is an invisible car lift, with a covering roof resembling the rest of the garden/courtyard.

This type of solution, the car lift with covering roof, blends in perfectly with the style of the building, giving a sense of order, elegance and a new and well-organised spatial arrangement. 

Finally the car lift plays a protective role for cars parked in a basement. Besides being camouflaged in a different level, cars are only available one at a time, and only by using an encoded key or badge that allows you to operate the system. In this way the garage is private and secure.