Current legislation, the Machinery Directive 2006-42-EC, outlines for safety reasons that the maximum speed of a car lift is 9 metres per minute.
The legislation covers the European Union. In other countries the speed may be higher and local regulations should be checked....
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Is it possible to use the space above the lift to park another car?
It is possible to use the roof of the system for both parking and for the transit of another car. The car lift standard roof can support up to 2,700 kg. It is also possible to design greater load bearing capacities and make a request to IdealPark.
It is not possible to lift the second parked car on the roof for safety reasons....
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Is there a risk of crushing feet when the car lift is in motion?
No, the lift system has perimeter photocells to prevent the risk of shearing. These sensors are both vehicle accessible, positioned at the corners of the lift, and on picket installed at two heights (about 30 and 50 cm) on the top floor at a distance of approximately 80 cm from the perimeter of the system. 
Other safety photocells are installed on board the platform to prevent the risk of shearing and to signal the correct...
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How much does a car lift system cost?Every single elevator is tailor-made and made up of over 300 carefully selected components to combine the useful and the beautiful in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.Compliance with the machinery directive represents a price variable because, for safety reasons, it requires that man-on-board systems be certified, giving rise to a possible additional cost.Again for safety reasons, to date, it has not been possible to create car elevators that work...
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Are there solutions for those afraid of closed spaces?
For those who suffer from claustrophobia it is possible to build car lifts with a view of outside. A metalwork supporting structure can be created with safety glass panels, as is the case for lifts for people. 
A metalwork and glass structure also allows to reduce the space of the compartment, saving space....
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What materials can be used to pave the car lift roof?
Car lifts with covering roof are an alternative solution to ramps, which combine functionality and aesthetics, reserving and dedicating all outside space to gardens or courtyards. It is possible to pave the roof lift in any material to contribute to making it totally invisible and obtaining a prestigious finish. The covering roof of the IdealPark car lift can be covered in keeping with the tones and appearance of the building to blend in perfectly...
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When it is not possible to create a reinforced concrete shaft for the car lift, what other solutions are there?

When there is no possibility of creating a reinforced concrete shaft it is possible to build it in metalwork; here is an example. 
As with lifts for people, it is possible to carry out projects with steel rails and safety glass, providing the car lift with an outside view. This solution is for outdoor settings.For indoor settings, it is advisable to replace reinforced concrete...
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When it is not possible to dig a pit, are there any other solutions?
In cases where digging is not possible (sizes are generally between 50 and 90 cm) there are models with an extremely small pit (20 cm) which can be replaced by a platform access ramp. This access ramp can be made of concrete, metalwork or aluminium.

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