What materials can be used to pave the car lift roof?

Car lifts with covering roof are an alternative solution to ramps, which combine functionality and aesthetics, reserving and dedicating all outside space to gardens or courtyards. It is possible to pave the roof lift in any material to contribute to making it totally invisible and obtaining a prestigious finish. The covering roof of the IdealPark car lift can be covered in keeping with the tones and appearance of the building to blend in perfectly (standard maximum load bearing capacity of 150 kg per sqm). 
The thickness of the paving must be approximately 9 centimetres.

The weight of the paving for models IP1-CM MOB-XL is 90 kg/sqm and the thickness of the paving is reduced to 7 cm.

The materials most often used by our customers are grass, marble, porphyry, teak and stone.