New location for Exclusive Cars dealership - Vicenza, Italy

Car lift IP1-HMT V08

In Vicenza, more precisely in Isola Vicentina, stands the new headquarters of Exclusive Cars, a dealership born from the love and passion for cars of the Marando family.
The company is a specialist in luxury brands, particularly Porsche and Audi, and has been offering its sales and assistance services for more than 20 years with extreme professionalism and customer care.

The showroom is spread over two floors and is characterized by a total black aesthetic illuminated by large windows that highlight the cars on display. The workshop that extends in the basement completes the range of services offered by the dealership.   

In order to connect the two exhibition floors, Exclusive Cars has chosen to install a Stevan Elevatori passenger lift and an IdealPark car lift.

The passenger lift is a compact compact version of a gearless electromechanical lifting platform, without any components that are external to the travel shaft. The motor is energy efficient and uses no oil. The system is extremely quiet and features a high level of comfort. The cabin has gress flooring like the rest of the building, walls and floor doors are painted black, the back wall is fully mirrored while the control panel, skirting board and ceiling are brushed stainless steel. The lighting is composed of dotted LEDs that give a starry effect. Finally, the doors are automatic side-sliding. 

To move cars from the ground floor to the second floor and vice versa, IdealPark proposed the installation of a car elevator model IP1-HMT V08. This car lift proved perfect for meeting the client's needs while respecting the structural features of the building. The increased capacity of 3200 kg allows indeed for easy handling of the large cars offered by Exclusive Cars. The required pit of only 20 cm, on the other hand, made it possible to install the system on the slab that divides ground floor from the workshop below. The reduced pit actually makes the IP1-HMT V08 ideal for projects with excavation constraints as in this case.

While the main function of the IP1-HMT V08 remains the movement of vehicles between floors, within the context of a dealership the potential is increased: the system can be used to make the presentation and handover of the car to the customer into a spectacular and exciting show, by creating a suspenseful effect at the moment of opening the interior compartment and subsequent exit of the vehicle.

To see the video of the project click here: Car elevator for Exclusive Cars dealership

Photos and video by: ZATAC

Year 2021
LocationVicenza - Italy