Car lift for new residential house - Belgium

Car lift IP1-CM FF42

In the beautiful Belgian countryside stands a new big independent house.
RDL Engineering NV, the official IdealPark ambassador for Belgium, installed a car lift type IP1-CM FF42 outside the house and against its wall.
It was not an option to place the car lift indoors because there would not have been enough space to properly manoeuvre the cars in the basement.
Thanks to the car lift the customer can park easily 4 to 5 cars safely underground. The cars parked in the basement can be removed only by inserting a coded key into the control panel to operate the system.
With the car lift IP1-CM FF42, the outside space remains completely free and livable and can be used as garden or courtyard. In order to contribute to a completely invisible and high quality result there is the possibility of paving the covering roof with any material up to 150 kg/m². The cover, when lowered, can be used as a parking place.
In this project the roof of the car lift has been finished with the same cobblestones the customer had chosen for the area around the lift.
In this way, our customer can not only park cars safely underground, but the car lift is also discreetly integrated into the environment and in accordance with the country style of the residence.
Through a wide choice of colours, lighting and finishes, you can actually customize your system for a unique harmonious result with its surroundings.
Car lift supplied by: RDL Engineering NV, the official IdealPark dealer in Belgium
Photo by: Boa.be