Car lift for MaisonMe Boutique Hotel - Bardolino, Italy

Car lift IP1-CM FF42

Place: Bardolino
Bardolino is one of the tourist destinations on Lake Garda. A charming and picturesque village, with  historical heritage 30 km from Verona. Witness the ancient walls, the many churches and villas of the Venetian era.

The boutique hotel: MaisonMe

MaisonMe is located on the Lungolago Cipriani. The hotel is located at the foothills covered with vineyards and olive groves, suspended between historic alleys and views of the sky and the shore of Lake Garda. MAISONME: two words together - one French and one English - to indicate a break with traditional hospitality patterns. One concept: a house (Maison) is as much as possible customized (Me). This boutique hotel, a jewel that loves art and design, expresses the quintessence of hospitality: feeling at home, free to serve or be served. Free to share, or enjoy maximum privacy. The architectural project was designed by architect Michele Irlandini, the Interior Design project is by Arch. Alice Piubello.

The IdealPark car lift.
IdealPark has created the Mod IP1-CM FF42 car lift, an invisible elevator, with the roof covered in the same flooring material used inside and outside of the hotel. It guarantees the safety and privacy of the cars of guests traveling in the garage in the basement. No space is wasted for a ramp. Four columns located at the corners of the platform make it easy to open the doors of the car. Equipped with LED lights on board and telescopic roof so that when it is lifted just 2 meters and 30 centimetres outside the hotel.

Watch the video of the project!

Photo and video credit : Zatac

LocationBardolino - Italy