Panoramic Parking - Padua, Italy

Two car lifts IP1-HMT V07

The remodeling and refurnishing project for Panoramic Hotel Plaza in Abano Terme, Padua, designed by Arch. Michele Franzina from Franzina+Partners Architectural Firm in Padua.

The hotel, due to the thermal spas, high quality service and centralized position, is always one of the most recognized building in Abano Terme. The panoramic view of the thermal town and the Euganei Hills from both the rooms and panoramic elevators has, characterized the Panoramic Hotel Plaza since its opening. Arch. Franzina oversaw the construction and refurbishment of the hotel central hall, wellness and shopping wings. To better organize and manage the shops and wellness visiting clients, it has been mandatory to increase the quantity of parking places and, due to the impossibility of increasing the back parking lot surface, a new building has been used along with hall-restaurant’s terrace roof surfaces to generate a roof parking lot with 72 car spaces with direct access to guest room floors. Guests, on board in their car, access the car park by using two car Lifts mod. IP1-HMT V07, units certified for use with driver on board.

Car lifts travel in a steel framed structure fixed to the hotel side wall. The structure is duly designed to bear the units loads and a printed covering canopy encloses it to generate a harmonious appeal.

The design of the car lifts has been approached so that new users will find no difficulties in using them: the platform call is generated by sliding the guest room key in a proper slot device, the door opening is automatic and it is not required that any further human input is necessary, the on board control panel is operated by the same guest room key and emergency phone line with reception is always active, so any problem can be communicated immediately. The platform dimension, bigger than standard, and a platform capacity of 2700 kg, allow the vertical travel of any cars, even those with light bullet proof protection.

The electrical requirements of the car lifts, as for all others electrical equipments in the hotel, is supported by renewable energy sources. The Hotel is equipped with the latest generation vegetable oil co-generator producing power, steam, hot water and cold water. Electric power not used from the hotel is returned back and sold to Enel (Italian Electricity Distributor Company). A eco-friendly philosophy is at the guests disposal for other services, such as electric cars and bikes to be used free of charge to visit the wonderful location of Abano and Euganei Hills.

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LocationAbano Terme (PD) - Italy