Former Lemon House converted into a luxury relais-Italy

Car lift IP1-HMT V07

In the charming medieval town of Torri del Benaco, located on the Veronese shore of Lake Garda, the new Relais Limonaia was recently opened. 
The accommodation is distinguished by its cosy atmosphere and exclusive design, offering guests complete comfort in these wellness retreats with a minimalist and welcoming design, inspired by the old lemon houses. 
The Relais Limonaia has a secure underground parking service, accessible via an IdealPark car lift that connects the access floor to the underground garage. Thanks to this technology, guests can easily move their cars into the underground car park.

The model chosen by IdealPark to best meet the aesthetic and structural requirements of the Relais is the IP1-HMT V07, which integrates perfectly with the refined environment thanks to its simple and harmonious lines. 
V07 is an IdealPark model designed for outdoor installation, with two side columns and an invisible archway under the platform. The installation includes the creation of a pit with a depth of 80 cm and a compartment housing a platform with dimensions 2700 mm x 5600 mm, with a load capacity of 2700 kg. 

Thanks to this solution, it was possible to position the car lift at the entrance of the Relais, optimising the space available for the facility and its guests and replacing an unsightly and impractical ramp.

To guarantee security, IdealPark installed a retractable gate on the access level that can be activated with a magnetic key and placed a series of barriers to prevent unintentional access to the facility on the remaining three sides. The perimeter of the barriers was designed in line with the design of the entire facility, respecting the minimalist and elegant canons of the location.

IdealPark's IP1-HMT V07 integrates perfectly into different contexts, representing an ideal solution for new constructions and renovations thanks to its simple and functional lines.

Year 2022
LocationGarda Lake - Italy