Elegance and functionality for the car lift

Car lift IP1-CM MOB

In a beautiful surrounding area in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy, the new IP1-CM MOB car lift replaced the traditional access ramp combining functionality and aesthetics while safeguarding and dedicating all the external area to the awesome garden.
This is a perfect example of how a car lift can be perfectly integrated with the surrounding area with a complete invisible and high quality result.

The IP1-CM MOB consists in a large lift that you drive into. The lift lowers the car, with the driver on board, and reaches an underground garage making it easy to access your car from within the house or vice versa.

Once the car lift is lowered and it is not in use, it becomes invisible. The top surface is covered with grass as it is the rest of the landscaping for a very elegant result.
This lift system differs from other products, due to the perfect integration with the surrounding architecture. Furthermore this car lift guarantees security and privacy. The cars parked in the basement are protected, as they can be removed only by inserting a coded key into the control panel to operate the plant.

The platform is well concealed below the ground so that there’s no evidence that a car is parked when the lift is lowered. The roof, when lowered, can be used as a parking place and can be paved with grass or tiles (max paving load of 150 kg/sq.m). A perimetral channel is provided for collecting rainwater and prevent flooding on the lower floors.

During the operation of the car lift the surrounding area can be monitored through a camera at the ground floor and a color display and LCD touch screen on board. The video surveillance system and a virtual safety perimeter with photoelectric cells guarantee safety for users and allow to install the car lift without enclosures at the upper floor level.

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LocationReggio Emilia - Italy