Car lift for a Bauhaus villa - Germany

Car lift IP1-CM MOB2 XL

The construction of this house, a new Bauhaus-style building made completely in concrete, began in 2018. The bright mind behind the architectural concept of the building belongs to a german designer.
An open-plan modern villa was designed with a contemporary vision.
Wood and concrete are the materials that dominate the villa interiors.
Custom made furniture pieces that bring raw and monolothic concrete interiors to life with a touch of softness.
Height in living and dining room: 6 m.
A large window in the kitchen overlooks the swimming pool.
A sculptural staircase leading to the first floor is made of concrete and crystal.
Free cantilevered roof with terrace at 11 m.
The villa with its geometric profile blends with nature around it and with the river flawing in front of the pool area.
Bespoke luxuries are expressed here in every detail but the “wow” effect comes with the disappearing car lift built by IdealPark an Italian company that brings the Made in Italy technology of car lifts all over the world.

To watch the video click here: VIDEO 

Car lift data:
Type of car lift: Indoor IP1-CM MOB2 XL
Travel: 3200 mm - Platform dimensions: 5960 x 2550 mm - Load: 3500 kg
Laser scanner at ground level for ground level safety. 
Door types: lateral sliding door at ground level - sectional door on basement level.
Lid pavement covered by tiles. Glass enclosures at ground floor.