Platform width
from 250 cm to 270 cm
to 280 cm for XL version
Platform length
from 500 cm to 560 cm
up to 650 cm for XL version
Loading capacity
2700 kg
3500 kg for XL version
up to 5 m
Pit depth
70 cm
90 cm for XL version
Max lid paving load
150 kg/m²
90 kg/m² for XL version
The car lift IP1-CM MOB with covering lid allows you to convert the space that would usually be taken by ramps into an additional garden or courtyard area.
The lid can be paved in any material up to 150 kg/m² in order to conceal the lift in its surrounding environment. IdealPark uses a system of infrared barriers, radars and laser scanners that brings together safety and aesthetic, removing the need for unsightly fences around the lift.
Each system is designed and manufactured according to the client’s desires and the project’s necessities.
The IdealPark main switch cabinet includes diagnostic, multimedia, assistance tools to the installation and for remote service from anywhere in the world.
The R&D department constantly implements new car lift technologies: touchscreen control panels with fingerprint scanners, customization of the system’s times, lights and doors, automatic return to the programmed floor, immersive room and many other applications that are constantly developed and updated in order to ensure only the best comfort and user experience.
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DWG car lift IP1-CM MOB
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car lift IP1-CM MOB