What is the Triplex system that is offered as an alternative on the IdealPark car lifts?

The TRIPLEX® SYSTEM is the most comprehensive answer to meet the different usage needs and the durability required from a treatment for steel products. It is ideal for tackling difficult environmental conditions, such as marine settings, and it is great for obtaining a better colour finish without sacrificing maximum protection. The improved protection and appearance in one treatment dedicated to steel products is the result of research and application of nanotechnology, able to ensure the result, reliability and functionality.

The TRIPLEX® SYSTEM is a surface treatment made with:

- hot galvanisation  
- nanoceramic
- powder coating

The benefits of this treatment include maximum anti-rust protection, an extremely attractive finish, long lasting colour and no surface flaking. The life cycle study of this system confirms durability is superior to all other anticorrosive/aesthetic methods. The expected durability is approximately 15 years for painting/varnishing, 50 years for hot galvanising and 100 years for the TRIPLEX® SYSTEM.  Available in a wide range of colours.

It also pays attention to the complete life cycle of the product: from development to production, up to its disposal.