IdealPark 2021 catalogue


The IdealPark 2021 catalogue is a showcase of our own car lifts and an extension of the design of the new website www.idealpark.com.
The enveloping dust jacket represents something that is abstract while folded, but when opened reveals an idea. Just like the car lifts: invisible when lowered, they represent a new way to design space when space is lacking or must be preserved to enhance the aesthetic of the surroundings.
The eye is an element of continuity with the website and with the 20th anniversary T-shirts we made. New eyes with which to explore new languages that are closer to those of the people we speak with: designers, architects, élite people who love beauty and being innovators and pioneers. The dust jacket has a symmetric design on all four sides, so that when folded the result is abstract and harmonious.

Download the new catalogue HERE
Once opened, the dust jacket reveals two printed sides: the outer side has the ‘normal’ eye, the new IdealPark logo and some decorative information, while the inner side has the same eye in the same position but with a dilated pupil. This represents the visual meeting with beauty, which is what we are trying to bring and enhance, it’s our mission.
We believe that living and working spaces can and must become works of art, not just to be contemplated but to be inhabited as well; every detail, studied by construction and design professionals, contributes to creating harmonious environments and fascinating contrasts that reflect a certain vision of society, where the quality of a space becomes the quality of existence.