When I founded IdealPark I had my own idea of a team that I wanted to create over time. A group of various nationalities, of people not only good at their job but also good as person, with professional skill and ethics. In IdealPark young people are in the roles of responsibility and diversity is a value.
Michele Stevan
Michele Stevan
General Manager
Barbara De Marzi
Brand Manager
Giacomo Campa
Export Manager
Nicolò Vantini
Junior Export Area Manager
Enrico Maria Contin
Office Manager
Gianluca Marchesini
Electrical Design Manager
Stefano Manzati
Mechanical Designer
Alberto Lonardi
Structural Engineer
Michele Conati
Electrical Designer
Pietro Viviani
Electrical Designer
Elisa Tomasello
Marketing Executive
Virna Guardini
Accounting Manager