About IdealPark

We don’t know how the world will change, but we know how we have changed. As Eleanor Roosevelt said “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. We have always believed it and every time a crisis has occurred we have tried not to waste it. The courage and the desire to improve and grow is the basis of this company that for 20 years has brought Made in Italy technology and its philosophy all over the world.

We celebrate 20 years of history with new eyes, a new look and image to explore new languages that are ever closer to the people we talk to : designers, architects and elite people who love beauty and being innovators and pioneers.

We are an Italian company who create unique, custom car lifts, in full harmony with the most modern architectural, urban and environmental requirements.

We believe that life and work spaces can and must increasingly become works of art, not only to be contemplated but to be dwelt in; every detail, studied by construction and design professionals, contributes to create harmonious areas and fascinating contrasts that reflect a certain vision of society, where the quality of a space becomes the quality of existence.

Ancient examples of style can coexist with spectacular technological installations, a technology that can even camouflage itself and disappear, at the service of the spaces frequented every day, and finally at the service of contemporary men and women.

Through our projects, we tell a story that is building and expanding day by day; every new installation is a piece of this story made of innovative ideas and projects for upgrading environmental surfaces.

It is a story that fits into territories that have always been in search of beauty and good taste, but also in countries that are only just starting to renovate their idea of architecture and town planning respectfully and with an emphasis on high quality.

Mission :
We wish to be the designer’s ally who must carry out a project that combines technology by inserting it into the surrounding environment : whether it is a renovation, a megahouse, a museum, a supercars factory, a resort IdealPark has the experience to cure every detail and build a unique and personalized product.

Vision :
To be the global reference in the projects generating leading architectural content, with the objective of become a functional and aesthetic element to connect not only different floors but also contemporary ideas and practices to expand our idea of architecture and passion for the beauty.

Official supplier of :
Museo Automobili Torino
Galleria Virtuale Ferrari
Museo Dallara
Museo Alfa Romeo di Arese


About our team

When I founded IdealPark I had my own idea of a team that I wanted to create over time. A group of various nationalities, of people not only good at their job but also good as person, with professional skill and ethics. In IdealPark young people are in the roles of responsibility and diversity is a value.

Alvaro Stevan
General Manager
Massimo Stevan
Sales Manager
Giacomo Campa
Export Manager
Nicolò Vantini
Junior Export Area Manager
Enrico Maria Contin
Office Manager
Gianluca Marchesini
Electrical Design Manager
Stefano Manzati
Mechanical Designer
Alberto Lonardi
Structural Engineer
Michele Conati
Electrical Designer
Elisa Tomasello
Marketing Executive
Virna Guardini
Accounting Manager



What are car lifts for?
Car lifts are alternative solutions to the conventional access ramp of a garage or to a different level of a car park. Some buildings are planning roof car parks. The car lift therefore performs a linking function.
Hence it is installed where, for space reasons, a ramp cannot be built. This is the case for historic centres of towns and cities.
In other cases it is chosen to maximise the space that would be lost by creating a ramp, therefore obtaining a greater number of parking spaces.

Choosing a car lift may also be for aesthetic reasons. The lift becomes an alternative solution to the ramp that combines functionality and aesthetics while keeping and dedicating all the outdoor space to gardens or courtyards.
The result is an invisible car lift, with a covering roof resembling the rest of the garden/courtyard.

This type of solution, the car lift with covering roof, blends in perfectly with the style of the building, giving a sense of order, elegance and a new and well-organised spatial arrangement. 
Finally the car lift plays a protective role for cars parked in a basement. Besides being camouflaged in a different level, cars are only available one at a time, and only by using an encoded key or badge that allows you to operate the system. In this way the garage is private and secure.

Why is it necessary to keep the button pressed once inside the lift? Isn't there any other system for operating the car lift?
The safety regulations of the 2006-42-EC Machinery Directive, for safety reasons, require that the user, when on the platform, holds down the button for the entire duration of the lift's journey when carrying people if the compartment is not completely enclosed, i.e. without cabin doors. Lifting platforms for people also fall under the same regulation and must include kill-switch command when they have no cabin doors.
From the outside of the platform, the car lift movement can be automatic, by pressing the button once.
For platforms with railings (or positioned in fully enclosed compartments) it is possible
to call the lift from outside by pressing the button only once from the floor panel or by using the remote control.

What happens to the car lift if there is a power cut?
In the event of a black out the person does not remain trapped on board the platform as they will always be freed. IdealPark car lifts come with a UPS device that allows the lift to descend and the doors to open even in the absence of electricity.
Systems with people on board are also equipped with an acoustic alarm and telephone (such as conventional lifts for people).
The telephone allows the user to contact the operations centre to alert the technical service, identifying the system from the telephone number.
It is also possible to install a generator unit. When the generator unit automatically enters into operation, all operations are guaranteed 24-hour even in the event of a power failure.

Can the car lift encounter problems due to low temperatures or snow during the winter?
The hydraulic control unit of the car lift is equipped with a heating probe to keep the system oil warm to avoid the risk of freezing and subsequent stoppages.
In countries with frequent snowfall, it is advisable to install heating resistors under the roof paving to prevent snow from accumulating.It is also possible to use special oils suitable for particularly low temperatures.
In addition, by setting the automatic return to the ground floor, the amount of oil present in the pipes is reduced, so that the heating probe is more effective. 
The models particularly recommended for very low temperature environments are: IP1-HMT V07 in the version with enclosed compartment and models with covering roof IP1-CM MOB, IP1 - CM FF42, IP1-CM FB42,  IP1-CM MOB 2.

What happens if there is heavy rain? Is there a risk of flooding?
Each IdealPark car lift with covering roof comes fitted with perimetral guttering to collect rainwater. 
In the four corners the guttering has drains to channel water into the sewer system.
At the bottom of the pit, however, there must be a well with a safety electric pump.
IdealPark car lifts are hot galvanised, both indoor and outdoor versions, to ensure a longer service life against corrosion. 
IdealPark car lifts without covering roof, models IP1-HMT V03 and IP1-HMT V07 (IP1- HMT V02 and IP1-HMT V08 are practically always in enclosed compartments) can have the roof (as optional) and the drainage of water into the compartment is performed through a drainage well.

What if the car lift stops or breaks down?
If the car lift stops due to a power cut, there is no problem because it is possible to use the UPS system.
If it stops for other reasons, technical assistance must be called, as is the case for conventional lifts. Driver on board systems are equipped with acoustic alarms and telephone (like with lifts for people). The telephone allows the user to contact the operations centre to alert the technical service, identifying the system from the telephone number.

All IdealPark car lifts are equipped with a standard display on the electrical panel that reports the status of the system and the type of malfunction with an error code.
This allows the problem to be often resolved with simple operations that are the main causes of malfunction, without having to wait for a technician to arrive: removing leaves or objects from the safety photocell barriers, checking if the stop button is pressed or checking if the key is inserted on a different floor than the one where the lift is.
It is also possible to equip the system with remotely operated assistance, which allows to check the status of the system directly from the 24-hour operations centre.

Are maintenance and repair costs for  a broken down car lift very high?
Maintenance and repair costs of IdealPark car lifts are similar to those of a conventional lift for people.

Is it necessary to contact IdealPark in the event of a car lift breaking down?
In the case of systems installed abroad are the response times slow since the manufacturer is located in Italy?
IdealPark's headquarters are in Italy, but we are present in over 20 countries with qualified dealers that can ensure prompt assistance and 24-7 support.

What is the speed of a car lift?
Current legislation, the Machinery Directive 2006-42-EC, outlines for safety reasons that the maximum speed of a car lift is 9 metres per minute.
The legislation covers the European Union. In other countries the speed may be higher and local regulations should be checked.

Is it possible to use the space above the lift to park another car?
It is possible to use the roof of the system for both parking and for the transit of another car. The car lift standard roof can support up to 2,500 kg
It is also possible to design greater load bearing capacities and make a request to IdealPark.
It is not possible to lift the second parked car on the roof for safety reasons.

Is there a risk of crushing feet when the car lift is in motion?
No, the lift system has perimeter photocells to prevent the risk of shearing. These sensors are both vehicle accessible, positioned at the corners of the lift, and on picket installed at two heights (about 30 and 50 cm) on the top floor at a distance of approximately 80 cm from the perimeter of the system.
Other safety photocells are installed on board the platform to prevent the risk of shearing and to signal the correct positioning of the car.
A series of safety measures are also present such as a surface camera, colour display and on-board LCD touch-screen that allow to control the system area during all stages of movement.

How much does a car lift system cost?
The price of a car lift varies according to various parameters such as: model, height to be travelled, load bearing capacity, size, number of stops and finish.
To request an obligation free quote please write to:

Are there solutions for those afraid of closed spaces?
For those who suffer from claustrophobia it is possible to build car lifts with a view of outside. A metalwork supporting structure can be created with safety glass panels, as is the case for lifts for people.
A metalwork and glass structure also allows to reduce the space of the compartment, saving space.

What materials can be used to pave the car lift roof?
Car lifts with covering roof are an alternative solution to ramps, which combine functionality and aesthetics, reserving and dedicating all outside space to gardens or courtyards. It is possible to pave the roof lift in any material to contribute to making it totally invisible and obtaining a prestigious finish. The covering roof of the IdealPark car lift can be covered in keeping with the tones and appearance of the building to blend in perfectly (standard maximum load bearing capacity of 150 kg per sqm).
The thickness of the paving must be approximately 9 centimetres.
The weight of the paving for models IP1-CM MOB-XL is 90 kg/sqm and the thickness of the paving is reduced to 7 cm.
The materials most often used by our customers are grass, marble, porphyry, teak and stone.

When it is not possible to create a reinforced concrete shaft for the car lift, what other solutions are there?
When there is no possibility of creating a reinforced concrete shaft it is possible to build it in metalwork; here is an example. 
As with lifts for people, it is possible to carry out projects with steel rails and safety glass, providing the car lift with an outside view. This solution is for outdoor settings.
For indoor settings, it is advisable to replace reinforced concrete structures with metal beams at the lifting guides.
IdealPark provides its customers with the working drawings showing the anchor points for the construction of the metal structure.

When it is not possible to dig a pit, are there any other solutions?
In cases where digging is not possible (sizes are generally between 50 and 90 cm) there are models with an extremely small pit (20 cm) which can be replaced by a platform access ramp.
This access ramp can be made of concrete, metalwork or aluminium.

What is the Triplex system that is offered as an alternative on the IdealPark car lifts?
The TRIPLEX® SYSTEM is the most comprehensive answer to meet the different usage needs and the durability required from a treatment for steel products. It is ideal for tackling difficult environmental conditions, such as marine settings, and it is great for obtaining a better colour finish without sacrificing maximum protection. The improved protection and appearance in one treatment dedicated to steel products is the result of research and application of nanotechnology, able to ensure the result, reliability and functionality.
The TRIPLEX® SYSTEM is a surface treatment made with:
- hot galvanisation  
- nanoceramic
- powder coating
The benefits of this treatment include maximum anti-rust protection, an extremely attractive finish, long lasting colour and no surface flaking. The life cycle study of this system confirms durability is superior to all other anticorrosive/aesthetic methods. The expected durability is approximately 15 years for painting/varnishing, 50 years for hot galvanising and 100 years for the TRIPLEX® SYSTEM.  Available in a wide range of colours.
It also pays attention to the complete life cycle of the product: from development to production, up to its disposal.



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