We don’t know how the world will change, but we know how we have changed. As Eleanor Roosevelt said “the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. We have always believed it and every time a crisis has occurred we have tried not to waste it. The courage and the desire to improve and grow is the basis of this company that for 20 years has brought Made in Italy technology and its philosophy all over the world.

We celebrate 20 years of history with new eyes, a new look and image to explore new languages that are ever closer to the people we talk to : designers, architects and elite people who love beauty and being innovators and pioneers.

We are an Italian company who create unique, custom car lifts, in full harmony with the most modern architectural, urban and environmental requirements.

We believe that life and work spaces can and must increasingly become works of art, not only to be contemplated but to be dwelt in; every detail, studied by construction and design professionals, contributes to create harmonious areas and fascinating contrasts that reflect a certain vision of society, where the quality of a space becomes the quality of existence.

Ancient examples of style can coexist with spectacular technological installations, a technology that can even camouflage itself and disappear, at the service of the spaces frequented every day, and finally at the service of contemporary men and women.

Through our projects, we tell a story that is building and expanding day by day; every new installation is a piece of this story made of innovative ideas and projects for upgrading environmental surfaces. It is a story that fits into territories that have always been in search of beauty and good taste, but also in countries that are only just starting to renovate their idea of architecture and town planning respectfully and with an emphasis on high quality.

Mission :
We wish to be the designer’s ally who must carry out a project that combines technology by inserting it into the surrounding environment : whether it is a renovation, a megahouse, a museum, a supercars factory, a resort IdealPark has the experience to cure every detail and build a unique and personalized product.

Vision :
To be the global reference in the projects generating leading architectural content, with the objective of become a functional and aesthetic element to connect not only different floors but also contemporary ideas and practices to expand our idea of architecture and passion for the beauty.

Official supplier of :
Museo Automobili Torino
Galleria Virtuale Ferrari
Museo Dallara
Museo Alfa Romeo di Arese