Car lifts

Platform width

from 250 cm D 270 cm
up D 280 cm for XL version
Platform length

from 500 cm D 560 cm
up D 650 cm for XL version
Loading capacity

2700 kg
3500 kg for XL version

up to 5 m
Pit depth

70 cm
90 cm for XL version

0.05 m/s
Max lid paving load

150 kg/m²
90 kg/m² for XL version

With the car lift IP1-CM FF42, the outside space remains completely free and livable and can be set as a garden or courtyard. Contributing to a completely invisible and high quality result there is the possibility of paving the roof covering it with any material up to 150 kg/m².

Through a wide choice of colours, lighting and finishes, you can customize your system for a unique harmonious result, with the surroundings.

The cars parked in the basement can be removed only by inserting a coded key into the control panel to operate the plant.

The cover, when lowered, can be used as a parking place.