Idealpark srl - projects - CastaDiva Resort & SPA: The 5 stars parking - Serie 1

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CastaDiva Resort & SPA: The 5 stars parking - Serie 1
Idealpark srl - projects - CastaDiva Resort & SPA: The 5 stars parking - Serie 1

In Blevio (Italy) on the shores of Lake Como, near Milan, the historical mansion that belonged to the famous soprano Giuditta Pasta get back in its ancient splendor.
This villa (at that time called Villa Roda) was bought by Giuditta Pasta and restored between 1827 and 1829 and many famous artists, singers and composers – such as Vincenzo Bellini, Gaetano Donizetti, Alessandro Manzoni, Isabella Colbran, Stendhal, Felice Romani, Adele Curti and Maria Luisa Hadfield Cosway – were hosted here. Giuditta Pasta, was the first Casta Diva in Bellini’s Norma.
After a long renovation the historical Villa has been turned into the exclusive CastaDiva Resort & SPA, a prestigious location to plan holidays, meetings and events.
The resort is surrounded by a huge park of 26000mq cherishing the 9 buildings, the Grand Hotel and the private villas, that are inspired to the big heroines of the past. The buildings provide a wide range of accommodation: 75 rooms (56 suites and 2 private villas).
The resort offers two restaurant, the “Orangerie” and the “Giardino dei Sapori”, and an exclusive SPA with a large wellness area. Villa Roccabruna, once home of the famous soprano Giuditta Pasta, today is the heart of CastaDiva Resort. In this building there are: hall, ancient meeting rooms, concierge and american bar.
Around Villa Roccabruna there are other villas: Norma, Fiordiligi, Gilda, Leonora, Dorabella, Amina, Violetta e Isotta. These buildings take their names from the female characters of various operas.
The 1300 square meters’ SPA offers 4 VIP SPA devoted to the four elements: fire, earth, air and water; a relax area on a glassfloor, suspended over a 19th Century Dock; and a wellness area with fitness centre, indoor pool with Jacuzzi, drench showers, vertical Kneipp, Finnish sauna, Mediterranean bath, Turkish bath, ice fountain and salt therapy area.
The outdoor floating pool, entirely surrounded by the lake waters, at night it turns into a deck, where water features, lights and music create a special show.
The Resort will host themed events with young opera writers and singers, also in partnership with the Teatro Sociale of Como. The two restaurant, the “Orangerie” and the “Giardino dei Sapori”, offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience, based on a selection of the finest Italian products prepared every day with a particular focus on local traditions under the watchful eye Paolo Casagrande, who gained his experience working with top international chefs.
CastaDiva, thanks to its SPA, amphitheatre for concerts and restaurants with a stunning view of the lake, is the right place to relax and live real suggestive moments.

To provide an adequate number of parking spaces for all the guests, 2 big parking were made: one at the entrance area with 270 parking spaces and one underground, dug into the rock and completely hidden by the botanical garden. On the first level of the underground garage there are traditional parking spaces and on the second level there are 26 parking systems Parklift 401 that offer in total 52 car places.
The removal of the cars parked on these systems, installed by IdealPark, is dependent, so the car parked below has first to be removed. These systems have two side columns and inclined platform.
Parklift systems, totally hot deep galvanized, are a great solution, cheap and simple, for all those who have parking problems.
These mechanical parking systems don’t require a pit, the installation takes only few hours, they operate with 220 V power supply and the power consumption is only 1.5 kW.
The first level of the underground garage is reachable by a ramp and it has a clear height of 240 cm. The second level has been designed with a clear height of 3 m in order to install the parking systems. An additional characteristic of the indoor parking is that the floor has been realized with epoxy resins in different colours: grey for driving lanes and blue for parking spaces.
In another garage situated under a Resort’s outbuilding, 6 Parklift 411 have been installed and allow to park 12 cars with a maximum height of 190 cm.
The main difference between model Parklift 411 and Parklift 401 is the parking platform: in the first model the platform is inclined in order to use all the available height; in the second model the platform is perfectly horizontal.

The realization of underground garages and the installation of IdealPark parking systems, allowed to preserve the large luxuriant botanic park with age-old trees and the harmony of this charming place where past and present, art and life are bound together.  
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Idealpark srl - projects - CastaDiva Resort & SPA: The 5 stars parking - Serie 1