Invisible car lift IP1-CM MOB

Idealpark presents the IP1-CM MOB, a car lift with cover approved for the transport of the driver.
Through a wide choice of colors, lighting and finishes, you can in fact customize your system for a unique result and in harmony with the surroundings.

Dream parking - Relax and exclusivity with IdealPark

This extremely quiet system differs from other products on the market for the perfect integration with architecture. Unsightly fences are not in fact needed due to the presence of a series of safety features such as a camera at ground floor, a color display and LCD touch screen on board that allow to monitor the system and its surrounding area during its operation.

Car lift Mod. IP1- CM FF42

Residential development in London.
1 x IdealPark CM-FF41 platform car lift, 6.5m long, 3.4 tonnes/space capacity. 1 x 4 tonne capacity turntable.

Car lift Mod. IP1-CM FF42

Idealpark presents the car lift Mod. IP1-CM FF42, car lift with cover which disappears underground. It allows to enjoy a garden or courtyard at the place of the conventional ramp to reach the garage or at the place of parking on the surface.

Electric car lift IP1-HMR V12

Electric car lift with technology for energy recovery similar to the KERS used in Formula One (kinetic energy recovery system).

Car lift Mod. IP1-HMT V07

Car lift mod. IP1-HMT V07 with IMQ certification which allows driver to stay on board during its 11.9 m maximum travel.

Car lift with driver on board Mod. IP1-HMT V07

P1-HMT V07, with its 80 cm of pit only, guarantees complete and total safety operations due to several safety features, like light barriers to check exact position of the car on the platform, ropes sensors, UPS device, possible emergency phone, it is granting unit lowering and floor(s) door opening during the unlikable power black-out.