car lift with cover
New installation of car lift platform by IdealPark in St-Tropez, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, one of the most recognisable names on the French Riviera.The Hotel is provided with an enclosed private parking lot with valet parking service and a dock for the reception of private boat charters that is also the departure point for sea excursions or water sports guided by specialists. The car lift adopted is a IP1-CM MOB in the standard version (It is also available the XL version): load of 2700...
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IdealPark T-shirt
IdealPark presents the limited edition T-shirt “DISORDER – ORDER” realized by the designer Giuliano Garonzi.

This new T-shirt is made with organic ring-spun cotton and it is printed on the front.

It gives you complete freedom of movement with a super comfortable fit and a soft touch.

Get your limited edition IdealPark t-shirts while they last! Send an email to and buy it now!

Sizes for man: S - M - L - XL - XXL

Sizes for woman: XS - S -...
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Car lift with roof covered with grass
In a beautiful surrounding area in the province of Reggio Emilia, Italy, the new IP1-CM MOB car lift replaced the traditional access ramp combining functionality and aesthetics while safeguarding and dedicating all the external area to the awesome garden. The IP1-CM MOB consists in a large lift that you drive into. The lift lowers the car, with the driver on board, and reaches an underground garage making it easy to access your car from within the house or vice versa. Once the car lift is...
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car lift
Car Lift Mod. IP1-HMT V03 installed in Turin, Italy, at the Skoda dealership Turincar.It connects three levels of the headquarter, allowing to move cars without ramp.Click for more information about IP1-HMT V.03...
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car lifts
Tech Insider posted a video on Facebook about IdealPark car lifts reaching millions of views in few hours. Follow us on our Facebook page and enjoy the video! ...
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The new book of  idealPark
“We put disorder into order, and dare to celebrate the unique”. The Book of IdealPark is not only there to display our work, but rather to give true insight to our philosophy and identity.There is something exhilarating about the clash of rigid, classic design and the twisted features of the somewhat familiar – it gives energy and forces you to reflect and adapt. This strive for contrast is embodied in the Book of IdealPark, it is how we think, what we do, who we are.In creating the Book of...
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BMW training center for Belgium and Luxembourg based in Bornem.
BMW training center for Belgium and Luxembourg based in Bornem. Here BMW trains the sales team on the news and the technical specifications of the cars. The IdealPark recently installed a goods-lift model IP1-HMT V02, with metal frame instead of masonry. There is not a pit therefore two ramps are installed to enter the platform. The car lift is used to bring the cars from the store level to a higher floor with an area dedicated to training....
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Invisible car lift installed on a highway in Belgium
Car lift model IP1-CM FF42 with roof covering installed in Knokke, on the public road, adjacent to a store. Knokke is a Belgian municipality located in the Flemish province of West Flanders. It is a seaside resort on the Belgian coast in the North Sea and one of the most important cities in the Belgian tourism, especially from the middle and upper classes.  
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